Adventure Golf & Mini Golf Course Development

Our design process begins with the Retainer/Design Phase. This is a back and forth process between the owner and Castle Golf. Considerations are given to style of play, hole characteristics, overall appearance and theming. This process continues until we have reached a consensus on design and costs.

The process typically takes about four to eight weeks depending upon the complexity. Much of this time is simply the result of thinking through the issues and exchanging ideas and information.

Construction time on an 18-hole mini or adventure golf course is typically 12 to 14 weeks, though weather could extend this. Final theming decisions and their associated complexities could impact this time. Construction of other elements should be going on simultaneously to provide a coordinated and predictable opening time.

The design detail is extensive and because of this Castle Golf are able to deliver a high degree of quality and design/construction integrity to the project.

mini golf course design
mini golf design

mini golf course design theme
mini golf theme

mini golf course construction

mini golf course building

mini golf course carpet laying
carpet laying

mini golf course completed project