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Castle Indoor
Design and Theme
Certainly one of Castle Golf’s most ambitious projects to date in Bristol is now open and trading. Saturday July 25th was the official opening date but such was the demand, the Management opened up partly the night before. On the Saturday morning, queues formed early to be among the first to sample Bristol’s latest and greatest leisure attraction. The two magnificent indoor courses in the heart of Cabot Circus Shopping Centre feature state-of-the-art special effects and design. The site is very large anyway but the clever effects give the impression of endless depth and distance and the players feel very much ‘in the jungle’ as clever graphics and rockwork combine to give the golf adventurer that ‘lost world’ feeling. There is even a volcano that you play through, where the hidden electronics and lighting effects can produce more than a few scary surprises! These courses are probably the most ambitious and well-equipped indoor courses the team has designed so far. It has been as exciting for the Castle Golf team and the site owners as it will now be for the players.
Project Brief
Two 36 hole Indoor Mini Golf Courses
Start Date : April 09
Completion Date : July 09
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Type : Castle Indoor
Location : Bristol, England